Oyster Studio - The Zone of Polish Designers


The studio deals with broadly understood spatial design.

Oyster Studio has been operating since 2004. We design interior architecture, exhibitions, set design and product. We are inspired by the changing world of trends, nature and people. We try to prove ouselves in every convention, every style and every scale. Our mission is to provide our clients with a design service at the highest possible level.



An internal longing for what is good, natural and comfortable has contributed to the creation of the MIST modular system. The inspiration were tiny water particles in the air - subtle, refreshingly floating above the earth's surface. Naturally interpenetrating forms of flora. Minerals and rocks, despite their different structure, harmonize with the soft rounded shapes of moss. The co-living ecosystem has become an impulse to create a coherent language of forms. The project developed by the Oyster studio in Poznań encourages calm interaction. Invites with ellipticity, calmness.



Forms of the Future

The Zone of Polish Designers is a new space whose aim is to present the most interesting projects of Polish designers to a wide audience. We display works that show innovative and unconventional attitude towards already well known topics and forms with their original styling and ingenuity. Participation in the first edition of the program was confirmed by 27 artists who will present the most interesting works in the space designed by creative director Maria Jeglińska-Adamczewska.