The best polish young designers


Fenek Studio, Michał Loba and Nikodem Szpunar are the best designers of the year according to ARENA DESIGN 2019. The award was granted for the first time.

Every year during the ARENA DESIGN fair, the best-designed products in various categories are presented as part of the TOP DESIGN award competition. This year, for the first time, specific names that shape the world of design will also be indicated in Poland. Designers of the Year 2019 is the first edition of distinctions awarded by ARENA DESIGN to young designers who managed to get to know each other in their field,and whose activities are worth following in the coming year.
– The Designers of the Year distinction will show how different faces have the best design. This year’s honors are three different ideas for themselves and design. Fenek Studio operates on the borderline of design and artistic craft, Michał Loba has developed his own recognizable style combining authorial graphics with illustrations, Nikodem Szpunar courageously entered the world of industry as the author of numerous – and excellent – project implementations – says Maria Jeglińska, creative director of ARENA DESIGN.
Fenek Studio is a porcelain studio and a small design studio, founded by Agata Klimkowska and Antonina Kiliś. The Designer of the Year award in 2018 was awarded for the original, experimental approach to porcelain and design and production independence. Painstakingly hand-made dishes, decorations and jewelry are the hallmarks of the studio, which attracts more and more lovers of tasteful design to its studio in Warsaw’s Powiśle.
Michał Loba is a graphic designer who has succeeded in the difficult art of achieving commercial success while maintaining authenticity. His works can be recognized at first glance after a synthetic, “comic” line and boldness of associations. In addition, its recognizable language can successfully translate into a wide range of realizations: from publishing graphics, through posters, illustrations, zines, to books or logos.

Nikodem Szpunar designs furniture and interior decoration items for industrial production and short-run production on a special order. Bold cooperation with the industry, an impressive number, supported by excellent quality, implementations resulted in numerous prizes, including the International Furniture Design Award, Make me !, Good Design. His projects have been present at trade fairs and industry events around the world, including in New York, Berlin or Hong Kong.

Studio FENEK:
Agata Klimkowska
i Antonina Kiliś


Nikodem Szpunar


Michał Loba

The works of renowned designers will be on display at the “Designers of the Year” exhibition at the ARENA DESIGN fair between March 12 and March 15, 2019 in Poznań.

The Designers of the Year award ARENA DESIGN 2019 is supported by PURO Hotels: