World’s leading design team in Poznan


Massproductions – Swedish-British duo, fascinated by the aesthetic dimension of the optimization of the production process. Berlin studio Geckeler Michels, combining innovative, tasteful minimalism with extraordinary attention to detail. Alexander Taylor – an Englishman whose projects bought by Alexander McQueen. ARENA DESIGN 2019 invites to Poland the world’s leading design team.

Massproductions is Magnus Elebäck and Chris Martin. They started their cooperation as consultants for the Swedish furniture industry. They have used this experience by establishing their own company in which they combine the skills of designers and producers. Their designs are characterized by elegance and modernity. Often referred to as modernist or minimalist, they are above all extremely pragmatic. The main inspiration for the duo is the process of industrial production itself, its efficiency, liquidity, optimization while maintaining the highest quality of the product being implemented. Thanks to close cooperation with engineers and machine operators in their plants, Magnus and Chris provide unprecedented consistency of artistic vision with ready implementation in the smallest details.
During ARENA DESIGN 2019 Massproductions studio prepares a special presentation of their projects. The exhibition will be available on March 12-15.
David Geckeler and Frank Michels founded their Berlin studio in 2013. Their designs for furniture, lighting and space arrangements are characterized by youth and courage, combined with the saving of form and incredible attention to detail. They combine innovative proposals with a conscious rooting in the history of world design. The functionality of the finished product is the most important in the work of the GECKELER MICHELS studio, therefore each project, both wide collections for mass production as well as short series and individual individual orders, is accompanied by extensive, in-depth research. Who is the target user? What are his daily habits and habits?
David Geckeler and Frank Michels will talk about the design process and the challenges of contemporary design to the visitors of ARENA DESIGN 2019 during the lecture on March 14th.
Alex Taylor‘s projects were appreciated by the greatest, including Zanotta, Established & Sons, and Alexander McQueen himself. Fold Light’s lamp has in its collection the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Institute of Design in Chicago. The most important for him are style, innovation and responsibility. These categories were accompanied, among others, by the implementation of PrimeKnit technology for the Adidas brand. Taylor used the revolutionary way of three-dimensional weaving of footwear without generating textile waste. At the time of implementation, it was the most radiccally pro-ecological project implemented for this producer. This concept is widely used today by the entire footwear industry. Taylor confirms his commitment to the environment as the ambassador of the Parley for the Oceans project. It is a group of creators, leaders and intellectuals who work to raise awareness of the dangers posed by ocean pollution.
Alexander Taylor will give a guest lecture at the special invitation of ARENA DESIGN 2019. The lecture will take place on March 13, 2019.



Alexander Taylor