Acanthus Aureus comeptition


In 2003, the MTP Group established the ACANTHUS AUREUS award, aka the GOLDEN ACANT. The non-accidental combination of these two words, where the word ACANTHUS is associated with classic patterns in architecture, and the word AUREUS with the highest laurels in almost every area of ​​life, emphasizes the unique character of this award.

The distinction awarded by the MTP Group aims to reward the best architectural and graphic solutions that promote direct communication with the client and emphasize the positive image of the company displaying its offer at individual fairs. The Golden Acanthus statuette is awarded to stands best designed and prepared for the implementation of the company's marketing strategy during the fair.

A distinctive and well-thought-out stand definitely facilitates work and is crucial for a positive marketing effect resulting from participation in fairs.

An extremely important advantage of the award is also the fact that it is awarded by the Chapter, which includes outstanding experts in the field of design, marketing and trade fair exhibition.