Olga Milczyńska - Forms of the Future


At Arena Design she will present her new collection KUNSTAKAMERA, inspired by the idea of landscape, as well as by the baroque Wunderkammers expressing admiration for the wonders of the world with variety of their collections.

A graduate of the ceramics department of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She gained practical knowledge in ceramics workshops in Great Britain, France, Denmark and South Korea. Lecturer at the School of Form. Co-founder of the August Design Studio and association Nów. New Craft Poland. In her works she deals with the topics of time and tradition. She is interested in traditional techniques and their impact on the modern human environment. Participant of many domestic and foreign exhibitions.

The handmade objects, manufactured in short series show her ceramic skills, design competence, as well as her artistic abilities. Collection include vases, bowls, serving plates but also sculptural forms. Each piece has been made from stoneware clay, and glazed for several times on many occasions to achieve the intended effect.



Forms of the Future

The Zone of Polish Designers is a new space whose aim is to present the most interesting projects of Polish designers to a wide audience. We display works that show innovative and unconventional attitude towards already well known topics and forms with their original styling and ingenuity. Participation in the first edition of the program was confirmed by 27 artists who will present the most interesting works in the space designed by creative director Maria Jeglińska-Adamczewska.