Resources. Slow materials. Exhibition

Can materials be slow? And if so, what does that mean?

The second edition of the Resources exhibition is focused on sustainable materials and repetitive production cycles. The curator asks questions not only about the origin of the materials used in the production of everyday objects, but also pays attention to how long it takes to produce the material, how long it lives as a product and how long it takes to recycle. Is slowness a new property of materials? Some unusual combinations show what can be done with plastic or textile waste, how a PET bottle can be used to make felt, a chair or a 3D printer filament, and what old fabrics can be converted into.


Agata Nowotny, the exhibition curator, chooses six unique production processes that make sustainability an everyday reality and a fact, rather than a utopian assumption. At the exhibition you will have a chance to learn and follow the process of waste processing and how it can be used to create new home furnishing products and everyday objects.


The exhibition shows how waste is processed to produce brand new and raw materials for products, as well as alternatives to plastics, such as organic plastics or materials grown from living organisms.