SLOWNESS – the main motive of ARENA DESIGN 2020 in Poznań


Responsibility. Balance. Regionality. Every year, ARENA DESIGN initiates important debates on the social and aesthetic aspects of design. In 2020, they will look at the idea of ​​slowness. So let’s book the last week of February for ARENA DESIGN 2020.

ARENA DESIGN 2020 is a trade fair aware of the ecological divide in which the world has found itself. Sensitive to economic overproduction. Closely following the psychological repercussions of these rapid changes. Finally, it is a trade fair taking on the challenge of the present day and opening up to dialogue about new lifestyles, creation and production.

Where and when

ARENA DESIGN 2020 will be held on February 25-28, 2020 at the Poznań International Fair. In the coming year, producers, designers, exhibition curators and specially invited guests will have at their disposal the entire space of hall 3. Thanks to a separate space, specially arranged by the organizers and exhibitors, the audience will be able to feel the atmosphere of the 12th edition of the fair even more deeply, and take part in open discussion about the idea of ​​slowness.

Main motive: SLOWNESS

The rapid pace of social changes, industrial overproduction, and technological revolution have meant that we live in a culture dependent on speed, achieving maximum efficiency and immersed in excess. We consume and dispose. In our daily rush, we exploit the world without being aware of the consequences of such actions. In the face of an ecological disaster, ARENA DESIGN 2020 proposes to start a discussion on the idea of ​​slowness.

During last year’s Fair, we looked at various aspects of “Transformation” – social, technological and economic transformations, but also those key to design – transformations of materials, production processes and workshops of artists. Rapid changes that have a strong impact on the environment. This year’s topic of slowness is therefore a consequence of last year’s debates. Slowing down, slowing down, and unhurriedness do not pose a threat to the global economy. Conversely, we are reaching the end of our planet’s endurance. That is why it is worth looking for good, modern and innovative solutions, thanks to which we are able to bring the manufactured items back into circulation. Bet on quality, locality and sustainable development. We want ARENA DESIGN 2020 to become a space for reflection on implementing the slowness movement into business strategies or brand development strategies.


ARENA DESIGN is a unique cultural event on the Polish market presenting bold and innovative work of Polish and foreign designers, creating aesthetic trends, and also creating a field for broad discussion about current and important problems of the design industry. This year, the topics for the debates will revolve around the concept of conscious use of raw materials, conscious branding and responsible design. During ARENA DESIGN 2020 there will be many exhibitions, lectures devoted to the slowness movement and debates addressed to interior designers and architects. Stars of modern industrial design will appear, as well as authors setting new trends in design.

 ARENA DESIGN 2020 strongly expresses its opposition to the phenomenon of counterfeit design. Following the new regulations on the production of industrially produced artistic works and the protection of intellectual property rights, we will make every effort to ensure that only original projects are included on ARENA DESIGN 2020 – emphasizes Maria Jeglińska-Adamczewska, creative director of ARENA DESIGN.