Brand Stage

2/11/2020 11:48:54 AM


The concept of a "brand" is created at the junction of numerous areas. As part of ARENA DESIGN 2020's new discussion space - Brand Stage - the brand of Polish design will display its enormous potential.

Arena Design includes the Brand Stage programme featuring renowned participants who will talk about design, innovation, space development and strengthening the position of Polish brands on foreign markets. Answers will be provided to questions about what a brand is in the furniture industry and when it becomes recognizable. In the zone dedicated to unique knowledge, furniture industry experts, designers and scientists will share their experiences. One of the keynote speakers will be a specialist in materials and technology - Dr Sascha Peters from Haute Innovation. During his lecture, participants will learn how one of the most recognizable Polish furniture brands - Nowy Styl - was built.

Brand image consists of numerous elements, including its perception by foreign partners. The first day of the event will focus on the challenges faced by national brands in the global furniture industry. Topics under discussion will also include commitment to co-creating a good space for people around the world to live and responding to the challenges of a modern economy. Another debate will focus on the identity of Polish brands - how to find a niche on the global market where Polish furniture would be associated with specific values, and whether or not Polish designers stand a chance for international career. The next part will be devoted to trends of the future - the question whether co-working is a temporary trend or the future of the market? And how to adapt the portfolio of furniture and office equipment to this direction? The closing theme of the event is a debate on schools, which play an important role in shaping the awareness of young people - what role does the surrounding space play in human development?


The organizer of the entire event will be Dr Eng Tomasz Wiktorski, member of the Polish Statistical Association, participant and organizer of such projects as the Polish Furniture Flagship Programme, Radomsko Furnishes, National Smart Specialisations and many more. Collaborator of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers. Contract and order executor for large, medium and small furniture companies. Expert quoted by domestic and foreign economic and trade media. Winner of the "Furniture Ambassador" title in 2019. As a specialist in his profession, he notes that "a brand is a multidimensional concept. To be successful, it must be authentic. This why on the Brand Stage we will discuss many key issues important for building a brand for the Polish furniture industry!"